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    by Brian Mahany The title of this post, The Accidental Kenyan, comes from an editorial in the Vancouver Sun earlier this week. It is destined to become a classic among the tax bar so we have posted a link to the original article. Don Whiteley at the Sun does a much better job of telling [...]

    The post The Accidental Kenyan – What If Other Countries Adopted Their Own FATCA Law? appeared first on Due Diligence.

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    by Brian Mahany Folks not familiar with the current IRS tax amnesty program for unreported offshore accounts are often confused about how much in penalties will be collected if they successfully enter the program. Assuming one qualifies, the program has a three tiered penalty system. Before discussing the penalties, some history of the program is [...]

    The post OVDP Penalties – 27.5%? 12.5%? 5%? appeared first on Due Diligence.

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    by Brian Mahany A couple years ago, headlines like this would have been shocking. Although federal law has for years required U.S. taxpayers to declare their offshore bank and brokerage accounts, only recently has the law been actively enforced. Since the UBS scandal in 2008, the IRS and Department of Justice have been relentless in [...]

    The post Two Taxpayers Who Failed To File FBARS Headed To Prison appeared first on Due Diligence.

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    by Brian Mahany First is was unreported Swiss bank accounts. Then the Caymans. Then India, China and the list goes on. Now the IRS and South Korea’s National Tax Service are teaming up and comparing notes. For many Americans with ties to South Korea, that could mean trouble and expensive penalties. South Korea and the [...]

    The post Hiding Money From Uncle Sam In Korea? The IRS and NTS Are Looking For You appeared first on Due Diligence.

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    by Brian Mahany We are never surprised anymore when the feds announce a new wave of indictments against taxpayers with unreported accounts. Until 2008, the IRS didn’t look very hard and prosecutions were few. As the economy has soured, tax authorities around the world have become quite creative in finding new revenue streams. To enforce [...]

    The post Think No One Will Discover Your Offshore Account? Read This! appeared first on Due Diligence.

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    by Brian Mahany We frequently encounter absolute shock when we tell prospective clients about the potential penalties for an unreported foreign account. Miss filing an FBAR (that’s Treasury jargon for the Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Account also known as a TD F 90-22.1 form) for just 1 year and the penalty can be [...]

    The post Worried About OVDI / OVDP Penalties? Don’t! Payment Options Are Available appeared first on Due Diligence.

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    Airport construction contracts can involve billions of dollars. Much of that money comes from taxpayers. As I write this post from LaGuardia Airport, a billboard boldly claims that the new LGA makeover is estimated to cost more than $1,000,000,000.00 – that’s right over $1 billion! We previously successfully prosecuted a corrupt contractor who supplied non-compliant […]

    The post Detroit Metro Bribery Scandal? Again? (Whistleblower Reward Post) appeared first on Mahany Law.

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    Statistics can be fascinating. Today we are bombarded with almost too much data and information. By using statistics, we can better digest that information and bring order to raw data. Of course, with so much attention focused today on the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency craze, we are interested in finding out more about the folks investing […]

    The post Cryptocurrency by the Numbers appeared first on Mahany Law.

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    The Supreme Court’s recent Murphy Oil decision regarding class action waivers is a disaster for American workers and those that believe in good corporate governance. Last week a closely divided court ruled that companies can force employees to waive their right to sue for employment law violations. Yes, as a condition of an employment your […]

    The post FLSA Update – Supreme Court and Class Action Waivers appeared first on Mahany Law.

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    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that 1 out of 59 American children are autistic. Hundreds of thousands school age children have autism, a range of conditions characterized by challenges with social skills, interpersonal relationships, repetitive behaviors, speech and nonverbal communication. Medical professionals characterize it as a developmental disability, although many people diagnosed […]

    The post Autism, Medicare Fraud & Applied Behavioral Analysis appeared first on Mahany Law.

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    Is McDonald’s Cheese Overcharge Suit a Tort Reformists’ Conspiracy? Florida Attorney John Uustal Is Offering a $100,000 Reward to Find Out  You’ve probably already heard about it. Somebody is going to great lengths to turn one arguably ridiculous lawsuit into a big news story. Here’s the facts, in case you are one of the few […]

    The post Who Took My Cheese? ($100,000 Reward Offer) appeared first on Mahany Law.

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    Special Master Overseeing $1 Billion Restitution Fund Issues Report [Ed. Note: This post discusses the efforts of the criminal case against Takata to secure monies for victims of defective Takata airbags. Takata filed for bankruptcy protection and its airbag business was ultimately sold off. That is the source of the nearly $1 billion restitution fund. […]

    The post Takata Court Restitution Fund Update appeared first on Mahany Law.

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    $1.6 Million Award for Information! Seeking Whistleblower with Inside Information about Price Manipulation of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Unsecured Bonds The U.S. Department of Justice has opened a criminal investigation into price manipulation of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac unsecured bonds. Media sources claim that several people have confirmed that prosecutors are looking at […]

    The post Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Price Manipulation Investigation appeared first on Mahany Law.

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    $24 Million Dollar Refrigerators…Seeking Defense Spending Whistleblowers It wasn’t too many years ago we were reading about defense contractors charging $900 for a hammer and $2000 for a toilet seat. While government contractors are notorious for ripping off taxpayers, we may have just witnessed a new low.  The Air Force just announced that it was […]

    The post $24 Million Mini-Fridge? Defense Contractor Spending Run Amok appeared first on Mahany Law.

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    Feds Want Answers Why Automakers Stalling with Replacement Airbags The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) is asking tough questions of automakers and why they are dragging their feet in replacing dangerous Takata airbags. It’s about time. How many more motorists must die or suffer horrific injuries before the big automakers replace defective airbags? The […]

    The post Takata Airbag Recall Update – Do More People Have to Die? appeared first on Mahany Law.

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    Many years ago, I worked as a sheriff’s deputy and K9 handler in the north Maine woods. If you were severely injured, the nearest level one trauma center was hours away. For a logger severely injured in the backwoods, a lobsterman living on one of Maine’s hundreds of islands or a motorist badly hurt in […]

    The post Air Ambulance Kickback Investigation appeared first on Mahany Law.

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    Updated June 2018. Healthcare fraud is a spectator sport in south Florida. We literally can’t keep up with the number of indictments, convictions and False Claims Act whistleblower cases involving healthcare in Dade and Broward Counties, Florida. Nothing surprises us anymore. But as jaded as we have become, the allegations swirling against Broward Health CEO […]

    The post And Then There is Broward Health… Medicare Fraud Post appeared first on Mahany Law.

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    TBM Consulting Workers Sue Lubbock National Bank for ERISA Fraud TBM Consulting bills itself as experts in supply chain technology. Based in Morrisville, North Carolina, the company was founded in 1991. In 2003, the company created an Employee Stock Ownership Plan or “ESOP.” These plans are regulated like pensions and are subject to ERISA, the […]

    The post Workers Sue Lubbock National Bank Over Dubious Stock Purchase- ERISA Post appeared first on Mahany Law.

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    This post may seem a bit off topic at first but it reveals how corruptly much of this world operates. And where there is corruption, there are often corporate players involved. Corrupt politicians only have two ways of getting their illicit gains. The first involves ripping off citizens and residents. The second involves bribes from […]

    The post Corruption Caribbean Style – FCPA Post appeared first on Mahany Law.